Lianna Brinded | Media, tech, head of brand

Extra projects | Appearances

Here is just a key selection:

Travel feature writing for The West Australian Newspaper

Promotional feature writing for the Malaysian Government Tourist Board

Runner up for Student Journalist of the Year

Press release writing

Computer game section editor in early 2000s

Researcher and contributing writer

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Judge on judging panel for Rising Stars Award


Comment writing on political, business and culture issues.


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Freelance feature writing for Women In the City that was featured in The Times, Womenomics supplement (Raconteur)


Lecture/seminar to fellows at RISJ on digital journalism  


Goes on various shows talking about finance, politics, culture on various shows, inc.The James Whale show, Dan Wooton show, Penny Smith Show, and Julia Hartley Brewer show


Discussed the death of print journalism.



Been onto discuss tax issues



Goes on BBC World News' The Briefing to discuss the morning papers and key news of the day as well as World Service Radio for Business briefing wraps of the week


As part of a partnership with Quartz, Lianna led a three hour tour around Mobile World Congress 2018, about gender diversity in tech and how to empower women across all industries across the globe.


Went on the morning show to discuss the key stories of the day as well as specific topics


Part of the steering committee for the 2019 conference in London

Exclusive partner and judge on all on diversity and inclusion membership organisation INvolve's executive role model lists

Judge at the Webby Awards — an award for excellence on the Internet presented annually by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences — for advertising, reviewing over 50+ adverts

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On the Board of Directors for the diversity and inclusion membership organisation.